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Whether you're driving I-94 from Minneapolis, Fargo or Moorhead, driving the Great River Road or exploring the clear lakes of Edge Wilderness on the Wilderness Byway, these fifteen must-see places are the places to visit. Here you will find a list of fifteen of them, from the Museum of Canned Meats to a large beer garden, an old farmhouse from the time and more.

Lake Bemidji State Park offers snowshoe rental activities, whether you explore the park's forests on your own or take a guided tour with naturalists. Enjoy a beautiful snowshoe hike on the Great River Road or on one of the many hiking trails along the lakeside.

Northland Arboretum is part of the centrally located Brainerd Lakes network of paths, which is ideal for people with children of all ages.

The Paul Bunyan Trail starts at Lake Bemidji State Park and leads from Walker to Baxter. The trail starts at what I consider to be the most scenic section of the trail, which winds through the forest park, crosses the Mississippi and runs along the eastern shore of Lake Bemidsji. The nearby Walker Minnesota vacation takes you to the shores of vast Leech Lake, but the park is also a great place to follow the west side of a lake that leads south.

You can fish in the Mississippi and the 9-Lakes Range, which includes Lake Bemidji, Leech Lake, Baxter Lake and several other lakes in the area.

If you fancy a little trip, be sure to visit Lake Bemidji State Park and Lake Bemidji National Wildlife Refuge. Both parks are located just a few miles north of the Minnesota State Capitol and attract visitors from all over the state and around the world. You have year-round naturalists and plenty of fun nature programs, and if you've been to the park, which is right next to the University of Minnesota campus, check it out.

The Bemidji Tourist and Information Centre is also a great place to stretch your legs and enjoy the scenic beauty of Lake BEMIDji in a park setting. The centre, which is home to the Chamber of Commerce of Bimini, was a source of information on everything. It is located right next to the Minnesota State Capitol, where you will be warmly welcomed by Paul the Babe.

At the time of the 2010 census, 13,431 people lived in the region, and the attractions of the Bemidji region include a thriving art scene, a beautiful lake, excellent restaurants and a great shopping street. If you visit or live in BEMIDji, you will have something of everything, so the event calendar is full of adventurous people.

L is a great way to get to know the culture and history of your family, and for theater lovers, this is one of the many ways to do things in Bemidji. Visit this child-friendly museum, which houses many touching exhibits, or visit the BEMIDji Museum of Natural History, a must-see for those interested in history in the region.

If you're visiting downtown St. Paul, visit the Bemidji Museum of Natural History and the Minnesota State Capitol Building, or read about the history of the city and its history as a city in the Twin Cities.

At the northern end of the lake, Lake Bemidji State Park offers a long beach for swimming, which faces the city. State Park offers visitors access to the Minnesota State Capitol Building and Kohl's Resort, as well as a number of other state parks in the area, and is close enough to Minneapolis and St. Paul to both be within walking distance. For visitors, State Park offers visitors the opportunity to visit the state Capitol and the Minnesota Capital Building, as well as a variety of state parks and recreational facilities.

For nature lovers, this park will stand out among all the incredible activities in Bemidji, Minnesota, and be a great place to hike and camp.

Whether you're a local who wants to put together a summer bucket list or a tourist trying to do something while visiting the north, here are some of the best things to do in Bemidji, Minnesota, from the Great Lakes to Lake Superior. If you're planning a road trip to Minnesota and want to find some great roadside attractions along the route, read our guide to the best road trips in Minnesota.

Bemidji and the Lake Superior area of the Great Lakes region of Minnesota is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in Minnesota with its surrounding forests, lakes and lakeside communities.

The hiking trails in Lake Bemidji State Park, just minutes from downtown BEMIDji, offer some of the most breathtaking views you'll find anywhere. If you're more of an explorer, there are plenty of attractions and resorts to visit during your Minnesota vacation. Most family vacation destinations in Minnesota include Lake Superior National Park and the Great Lakes region of Minnesota.

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