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The building has been rebuilt to accommodate disabled people and there are several teachers. It is the only music arts program in downtown Bemidji and offers all students the opportunity to take the Minnesota State Music Exams to receive certificates and trophies for student achievement. The block instruction makes it possible that 30 percent of the music students are active in more than one music style.

Dr. Logan's college choir performed at the Minnesota State Music Exams and other state and national events. The choir is represented in the annual concert series of the Bemidji Chamber Music Association "Performing Arts Association of Minnesota."

The BHS Madrigal Choir has been performing since 2009 and the Bemidji Chamber Music Association of Minnesota was founded to keep middle school students singing. In 2004, they won first place at the Orlando Music Festival and second place at the Minnesota State Music Exams.

The Community Psychiatrist Center performance is a unique part of the project, as most organizations rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to present a performance, especially with musicians of this caliber. The choir curriculum covers a wide range of musical styles, from classical to jazz and classical opera, and over 200 children and adults are involved.

Dr. Logan holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota and a doctorate in psychiatry from Minnesota State University, St. Paul. He was an assistant professor of psychiatry at the Faculty of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at M University and for the last two years director of the Community Psychiatric Center.

Dr. Logan remains a member of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota ACDA and is currently a board member of the American Psychiatric Association of Minnesota (APA) and the National Association for Mental Health Services.

In addition to his performances in Milwaukee, he is an active ceili (set dance musician) and Sam hosts a weekly jazz VFW night. Irish song and tradition and has spoken about his traditions at University College Cork in Ireland. He holds a Master's degree in Irish, influenced by music from the Great Lakes region, and has taught at St. John's College, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the US Department of Health.

Headwaters School of Music Arts is the only school in Minnesota to offer financial support for private tuition, and one of the few in the country.

With 108 singers, the choir program has grown to nearly 300 in the past four years, with more than 1,000 students participating each year. The choir came first at the Minnesota State Choral Music Association's annual awards ceremony in 2010.

For the 35th time Melvin writes the catchy lyrics and music to "Sheila. 2018 has been a year of sold-out performances, including an appearance at the Minnesota State Choral Music Association's annual awards ceremony. Seismic City is excited to play and perform in the Twin Cities for the first time in more than a decade, and their schedule is filling up fast and hungry.

Miller is an acoustic singer-songwriter, obsessed with music, and is just leaving college in Cork.

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