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Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to accompany my parents for a week - long trip to Minnesota for their annual family vacation. During this time I researched and planned to visit some yarn shops in the area, and I plan to write about this adventure in a forthcoming post. Today I will write about my search for yarn shops, but I planned to write today about searching for yarn shops.

Although I expected to find more yarn shops in northern Minnesota, I was satisfied with the few I found. The selection of Utrinkets was quite large, but what I find more interesting is the fibre-free half of the store.

Yarns for knitting are not the speciality of the shop, but in a small room there are combed yarns, and although there are only sock weights, I will look for more yarn dyers in the future.

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If you haven't bought anything from Bemidji Woolen Mills and are in the area, I recommend you visit. This store has been an excellent quilt shop for several years and has earned our continued support through yarn.

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We still make the classic woollen blankets and shirts, but we add sweaters, hats and warm, soft gloves. We also sell stuffed animals, knitted and crocheted figures and a wide range of accessories such as hats, scarves, socks, gloves and much more.

I was introduced to them a few years ago and when I picked up a knot, the clerk noticed that the yarn was hand dyed by June De Grote from the yarn market, who lives in the area. I asked her about it and she explained that she dyed it by hand, but it didn't sell well. The shop assistant, who I assumed was the shop owner, said: "Oh no, it's just one of her yarns.

Other family members had warned me that I would be disappointed with the yarn selection in the store, so I had not hoped for much. The saleswoman I later recognised was 75 years old, and she brought in a knitting expert to help me. As I don't knit much, it was difficult for her to help me answer questions from customers.

Browsing the store was fun, although I was shopping on a day that was almost too cold to be near the water. It was interesting to explore northern Minnesota, although I did not find as much of what I had hoped for or hoped for. Instead, I enjoyed my time in Bemidji, which I would not return to but would return to.

The Bemidji wool factory makes wool textiles, so of course bring your knitwear and bring a bicycle. The area is familiar to me, I have been here before and the bike paths are well known. My last stop was in the small town of Hackensack, which I know well from my time as a student at the University of Minnesota - Duluth and also from the Minnesota State Fair.

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More About Bemidji