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In winter, the city of Brainerd in central Minnesota is not what you would call a bustling metropolis, but in summer it is a little different. Snow - draped forests threaded cross-country trails, and seasonal events range from summer dragon boat races to camping. On April 26, it's average ice - out on Lake Bemidji and there's no downhill skiing with the family - at the Buena Vista ski resort, which spans the Laurentian Divide.

Northland Arboretum is part of the centrally located Brainerd Lakes network of paths, which is suitable for people with children of all ages. It is surrounded by forests and is ideal for hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities.

The Paul Bunyan Trail starts at Lake Bemidji State Park and runs from Walker to Baxter via Walker. The park can also follow the east side of the lake, which leads south to Brainerd Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and then north to Baxter Lake.

How to get to Lake Bemidji State Park: Drive 23 miles to the southern entrance of the park, then drive north via Walker to Baxter Lake and then on the Paul Bunyan Trail. How to get there: Drive from the north entrance at Walker Road and Baxter Road or drive the 23 mile south on Baxter Drive to Walker Lake.

Walker Minnesota vacation near willtake in the shore of giant Leech Lake and You can fish in one of the 9 lakes, including Lake Seagull, Lake Bemidji and Lake Mississippi. The best fall fishing is selected for the great whale fishing offered at Gully Lake in Walker State Park from September to October. In September and October, Gill Lake offers great fishing in the Walleyes and there is a good chance of catching some great perch and some good whitefish.

For theater lovers, this place is a must and one of the many activities in Bemidji, Minnesota. If you're in the mood for a little splash, be sure to check out BEMIDji State Park and its many attractions and be sure to have more adventures in the fall State Park.

There are six postsecondary educational institutions in the region, including Bemidji State University, the University of Minnesota-Duluth and the Minnesota Institute of Technology. There are also top entertainment options in northern Minnesota and there is a wide selection of restaurants and bars in the area as well as a variety of shops and restaurants in and around the city.

If you live or visit Bemidji, you will have something of everything, so the calendar of events is full of adventurous people. Attractions in the area include a thriving art scene with a variety of music, art, food and entertainment options, as well as a number of museums and galleries.

Bemidji has so much to do that you want to plan your favorite activities in advance and do enough to keep you busy all day. Cycling along paved paths, riding around the lake in a historic Chester Charles II, climbing the 100-foot fire tower, participating in DNR Ranger - guided naturalist programs or returning for a day of hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping, hiking and more.

L is a great way to get to know the culture and history of your family and visit a child-friendly museum with many touching exhibits. Visit the Bemidji Museum of Natural History and the surrounding town of St. Paul, Minnesota's oldest and largest museum, to make the most of your time here. Learn the history of the area on a tour of historic Chester Charles II, the city's historic fire tower and other historic buildings.

Lake Bemidji State Park offers rural beauty on the north shore of Lake Bemidji and features a beautiful city park. This state park offers visitors access to Minnesota's largest freshwater lake, the largest in the state and one of the most beautiful lakes in Minnesota. It has year-round naturalists and offers many fun nature programs as well as a variety of outdoor activities for children and adults.

The park and Lake Bemidji, as well as downtown Minnesota, are the most popular attractions in downtown Minnesota's second largest city. BEMIDji's most famous attraction is the Minnesota State Fair, the largest state fair in Minnesota with more than 100,000 visitors a year.

At the northern end of the lake, Lake Bemidji State Park offers a long beach for swimming, which faces the city. The park borders both the north and south shores of the lake and offers a magnificent view of the autumn colors. If you're visiting downtown St. Paul, visit the Minnesota State Fair at the Convention Center and the Twin Cities Expo Center. You can even get to the convention center by bike, but if you decide to ride a little longer, you can also cycle from the park to downtown Minneapolis.

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